Education is generally accepted as an indispensable tool for national development because of the skilled manpower it provides to all critical sectors of the economy and national life. The main problem inhibiting educational development in Nigeria since independence has been the problem of limited access provided by the existing institutions in spite of an increasing demand for places in existing institutions. The CDL was set up to provide an alternative and complementary platform to close the access gap without compromising quality while ensuring flexibility, adaptability and life-long learning experience.

The CDL aims to provide quality education through the ODL mode that is flexible, accessible and in tandem with lie-long learning.


 The CDL is an open distance learning centre that aims to, among others:

  • Provide unlimited access to large number of students through the ODL mode.

  • Increase educational opportunity to a broad spectrum of people across age, occupational, cultural and other divides.

  • Provide qualitative and competitive education at affordable rate.

  • Provide an avenue for students to realize their full potentials as individuals and members of society.

  • Provide capacity building and other short tailored courses for institutions and corporate organizations.

  • Encourage research and development in ODL pedagogy and practice.